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Home Dates London Date Letters Click on the letter you want to date or on a date letter cycle column in the table below to see a larger view scroll down for earlier dates: It has been in operation since the s when a law of Edward I required all silver sold in England to be of at least the same quality as the silver currency hence the term "sterling" for the silver standard. Originally the assayer would visit the workshops of the gold- and silversmiths to perform the assay. If items passed they were authenticated with the King's mark, a leopard's date letters silver hallmarks. By it was deemed more practical for items to be brought to Goldsmiths Hall for assay and a permanent assay office was established there.

This is the origin of the term "hallmark". In the leopard's head mark was adopted as the mark of the London Assay Office. A letter mark coinciding date letters silver hallmarks the date of assay was first introduced in London in Originally it signified the Assay Master responsible for testing and marking the silver. The date single umzuge dreieich were changed on the day that the Goldsmith's Guild wardens were elected, originally St Dunstan's Day date letters silver hallmarks May until flirten vergangenheit Restoration and 29 May thereafter.

The Hallmarking Act of brought the remaining manner verstehen beim kennenlernen British Assay Offices London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh into line with each other with the date letter now changing from on 1 January each year.

London Date Letters

Items bearing British Import marks will sometimes have additional marks from the country of origin, sometimes not. The workers of the plate industry were often paid on a pro rata basis. Sheffield Assay have a sub-office in Malpensa, Italy. They identify the metal alloy used as base metal for electro-deposition of silver. A Legislative Reform Order LRO came into law on 8 February giving UK Assay Offices the legal right to strike hallmarks outside of UK territory. Its purpose was to establish when a piece was presented for assay or testing of the silver content. Originally, makers' marks were pictograms, but by the beginning of the 17th Century it had become common practice to use the maker's initials. From was mandatory the indication "MADE IN These marks were used as a record of the pieces made by each journeyman so that each could be given proper payment. Elkington was forced to change its mark in of stamping plated wares with the "crown", to avoid misunderstanding with the symbol identifying the Sheffield Assay Office. Until then, only wares containing a minimum of part per thousand of pure silver were hallmarked and allowed to be referred to as solid silver. These numbers were stamped on each piece usually on the bottom.


Hallmarks are small markings stamped on gold, silver and platinum articles. Until , a date letter indicating the year of hallmarking was compulsory. This is. Birmingham silver marks, marks and hallmarks of British silver, including date letters chart and symbols of Assay Offices of other towns as London, Sheffield. Hallmarks are authenticating marks struck on most silver items produced or offered for sale in Ireland. Since the Assay Office in Dublin Castle has been the. London Date Letters. Click on the letter you want to date or on a date letter cycle (column) in the table below to see a larger view (scroll down for earlier dates).

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